30. June 2022

LABELCO A/S fait partie d'Optimum Group™

LABELCO A/S, a printing company centrally located in Jutland (Denmark) specializing in self-adhesive labels, becomes part of Optimum Group’s Nordics platform. The current management of LABELCO A/S, represented by Mr O.D. Mikkelsen, will remain in place within the organization. 

The addition of LABELCO A/S fits well within the European growth ambitions of Optimum Group and will significantly expand the Optimum Group’s presence in Denmark. With the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the label manufacturer LABELCO A/S, Optimum Group achieves a competitive player with large international customers who put extra focus on food safety. LABELCO A/S is one of the only label printing houses in Denmark with the British BRSCGS food safety certification.

Leading player in labels and flexible packaging solutions
For Optimum Group, the addition of LABELCO A/S expands its footprint in Denmark and strengthens its position as a leading player in Northwestern Europe in the field of labels and flexible packaging solutions. With the addition of LABELCO A/S, the Optimum Group now consists of 18 member companies located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, with each member company having its own product/market combination. Read full press release here.