11. January 2023

Etiket Nederland is FSC® certified

Etiket Nederland is FSC® certified and may print and deliver the official FSC label for products that comply with this standard. Apart from Telrol, every branch in the Netherlands is FSC-certified. This organisation supports responsible forest management. The material printed under the FSC label comes from FSC-certified forests. These forests are specially designated for the protection of people and nature. This allows Etiket Nederland to supply products via the FSC MIX CREDIT claim. This means that recycled FSC basic materials can also be used. FSC has a good and reliable reputation and is the highest standard for responsible forest management.

What is FSC?
The FSC label was created by the Forest Stewardship Council (Council for Good Forest Management). It is an international organisation, founded in 1993, that promotes responsible forest management. FSC draws up global standards for forest management, which are thus linked to a hallmark. The basis for these standards, which are further elaborated per country or region, are the 10 FSC principles for good forest management. If forest owners comply with all FSC standards, the forest in question can be certified. Independent auditors monitor compliance.

How does FSC work?
The core tasks of the FSC organisation are to manage both tropical and non-tropical forests. By complying with the FSC labelling system, forest owners can distinguish themselves. In addition, the FSC organisation makes timber recognisable for the end user. The latter can be sure that it comes from well-managed forests because the timber is tracked through the entire supply chain. Certification is the instrument used by the FSC organisation for this purpose. Certification is carried out by one of 15 independent organisations accredited for this purpose by the FSC organisation. The result is that 'FSC is only FSC if it says FSC on it'.